Reviews for "Mystical Mountain"

I can't say that I've listened to a majority of NG tracks or anything, but what I have heard ... I think this is the best orchestral piece I've heard on NG by some distance. Maybe it's just bias because I've heard you most recently, I don't know. But you're blowing me away, dude. I think you have a serious career ahead of you-- don't give up man.

Definite 10/10. This is the most impressive piece I've heard in the NGADM thus far. As cinematic pieces go, this is definitely up there with the greats on NG. Amazing work.

Why, this is simply horrendous...

Is what a liar would say! Because this is - forgive the somewhat overused descriptor - EPIC! Who are you? Why are you in this contest and not out scoring film and television? Merciful heavens, Jacob...you've got the mad skillz to pay the bills, man! And Stephanie's strings threaten to pluck my very heart from my chest with each sweep of the bow. I scarcely even know what to say, but humbly consider me a fan from now unto eternity. Bless your insanely talented self. I am simultaneously overjoyed by and completely jealous of these robust instrumental suites that everyone but myself seems to possess! Blast you college loans and your financial vampirism!

One day...oh yes, mark my words...ONE DAY I shall join the ranks! Until then good luck, godspeed, and thanks for blowing the doors off of an otherwise quiet and introspective day.

The first minute is so uplifting and beautiful.
From there it proceeds to inspire with the awesome strings. Very impressive, my compliments to Stephanie Luna.
I absolutely love the build up climaxing at 03:48. Brilliant.
I can't really criticize this piece. All I can say is that you have upped your game considerably. This is next level stuff!
Keep this up and you are going to beat everybody!Congratulations.

I'd like the leave my vote comment by itself.