Reviews for "Mystical Mountain"


The Good:
-Well, this is VERY film-score-y. It would work excellently for a film trailer or similar.
-The section at 1:04 is very beautiful, it really fits the 'mountain' feeling. This section actually reminds me a lot of a game called Secret of Mana, though obviously since it's a SNES game it had far worse-quality instruments.
-Transitions are excellent. Instruments are excellent, mixing is excellent aside from one area.

The Not-So-Good:
-Honestly, the only major complaint I have for this is that none of the sections are really related to each other. This is a film score more than a standalone piece. Generally it's not a good thing if I have to play "Where's Waldo?" with the motif... and then still don't find one.
-Towards the end the mixing gets very stressed and somewhat muddy. It feels like there's clipping at around 3:32 onward until 3:45.

Overall: Score of 8.4/10. Very very good piece, well-developed, still sounds a lot more like generic cinematic than it could. If you introduced a motif (or preferrably two), the biggest problem with this would vanish and would probably push it into the 9 range. That said, another recommendation is to look for unique ways to use instruments - try using a full range of pizzicato strings for a pseudo-pitched delay effect, or an organ for quick chord stabs, almost like a pluck.

This is an NGADM Round 3 review.


OK this is obviously amazing. It might be a BIT 'generic' in terms of instrumentation and mood and whatnot, but being one of the only music artists left in the competition who makes this kind of cinematic orchestral I believe it still shines over the other tracks in this round at least. I'll get the real instrument out of the way; Stephanie did an excellent job. What a great idea to get someone to play the solo string arrangement (perhaps inspired by MichaelJ and Jeremyamoto, who would've been your opponents if they didn't drop out!). 2:07 is particularly magnificent. You have a sublime texture over there that reminds me of some of Vivaldi's string arrangements. I'd say 2:07 is my favourite part of the whole track actually.

Of course, for the third time in a row, you've got incredible dynamics and mood changes. Just one little stylistic complaint; I would've liked a leitmotif in here, because without it, you make it sound too much like you're trying to create an atmosphere/mood with your instruments and not enough like you're trying to provide a structured melodic experience. That's likely personal preference though. You transition beautifully between all these different dynamics and moods, and I love how huge the dynamic range is. You can barely hear 2:38, and then at the end the song explodes in your face. Just fantastic.

Of course, the production is again, sublime. Apart from some incoherence during the solo string sections and the buildup to the climax, I have no issues with your production. Instrumentation-wise, there is also nothing to comment about which hasn't been said before in my other reviews. The brass's brilliance shines through, the strings are warm and expressive, the woodwinds are bright and exciting, and the drums sound right at home in this track and are mixed wonderfully. I really like the woodwind trills in particular over here, and while I kind of wanted to hear a legato woodwind section, I otherwise think you used your instruments extremely well. It goes without saying that they're also very high-quality samples that, unlike in MichaelJ's Round 2 submission, don't lag behind the solo strings and meld wonderfully with them!

I think the adventurous mood of the first section could've been explored a bit more. I felt like it could've lasted longer or given an encore, and the only thing that comes close is the huge buildup at the end which sounds more 'epic' than it does adventurous, making the first section feel a bit detached from everything else. This is a shame because not only does the adventurous sound fit with the theme you were aiming for, but you did an excellent job with it! In addition, I agree with johnfn that the climax sounds a bit forced into the arrangement. It's essential to end the track on such a high note, but it's mostly just blaringly loud and huge sustained notes (which have become quite a characteristic element in your climaxes haha) with little melodic value. I enjoyed the buildup and still wasn't disappointed with the climax, but something a bit more... I don't know... meaningful, I guess, would have been far more appreciated. Also, 1:02's transition is just barely abrupt.

You really impressed me with this. Shame about the climax, disjointed adventurous section and that transition, but otherwise each track of yours improves over the last. That's a healthy pace right there!

Score: 9.3/10

Gosh where to start, from the very first note of the intense opening, this song just works and seems to continue with that same determination throughout. From the beauty at 1:06 to the buildup at 2:48 there is just so much diversity and complexity to the song that just keeps adding to it. Just absolutely incredible, and despite the harsh contrasts in mood that occur throughout the song you managed to keep everything feeling really smooth and polished. Awesome, awesome work! Keep it up.

Very adventurous. It evokes a lot of images. I didn't expect that intro with the title, but to me that's about setting out on an adventure towards the Mystical Mountain, and the part after is on the mountain itself. The ending is at the top when the heroes discover whatever they're looking for. This would be good to make an animation to. I hope someone does.

Very powerful track! Good and well structured composition, orchestration and interesting progression. Dont know which vsts you have used, but you seem to have good orchestral stuff. Also the solo violin played by your friend sounded very nice. Really liked this piece, especially because because of its versatility and mood changes. The sequence from 2:50 to 3:40 when you accellerate to get back to the full orchestra sound is just awesome - i also like the xylophone / mallet sounds in the background which intensify the drive ... very cool ... i think this is the best piece i have heared from you until now. Keep it on and good luck to you!