Reviews for "Mystical Mountain"

- NGADM Round 3 Review -

Hm, I'm liking the setting, here. There are quite a few notes that clash well in the song, but the clash at 0:54 didn't sit well with me. Oh but the quiet part right after that is simple and nice sounding. Something that is noticeable through the piece is your adequate display of variation.

I love the strings at 1:40. So beautifully played, if not mixed a little too quietly. Oh and 3:48 is good. It does sound a bit mushed, but your ending was nice. A little decay at the end would have been better though, to maintain the same atmosphere that is presented throughout the piece. Overall, you've got a great piece that is painted with a beautiful cinematic color.

Score: 9.6

Soooo beautiful! I... yeah that about covers it. Keep it up!

Great composition, I really see the mystic mountains in my mind while listening to this music.

Very innovative and original. Two things music desperately needs. Can i ask what program you used to record this?

Sweet song!
Do I have your permission to use this as the menu theme in one of my games?
The game itself will be non-profit and free, yet I will record it and publish it to youtube where I'll eventually make a few dollars in ad-revenue.