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Reviews for "Llama RPG Demo"


I think this game has potential. One thing to make it not so boring is make to where you actually have to do something to gain strength/money/Intelligence etc., a good sample is say: your in the store working and you have to click the food before it goes off the Conveyer belt, and if you accidently let a can or something drop, you lose say 10 dollars.

billytheretard responds:

Good Idea! Maybe I could do something like that, I was thinking about something like that in my full version.

Aww, so cute

What I like:
1. The days fly by quickly. No action (such as working out at the gym) is slowed down by dialogue boxes explaining obvious things.

2. I like how quickly I could earn money

3. Good choice with the 'Legend of Zelda, ocarina of time' music.
I know this game is just a demo, but these are the kinds of things I'd look forward to in the full version:

1. I want to know why the lama character trying to become strong, smart, and wealthy in such a short amount of time. You could probably answer this question if you added a story mode. (maybe the character is actually an alien who crash-landed on a planet of lamas, and is trying to earn enough money to buy equipment to send a signal an orbiting alien science probe to come and rescue him.)

2. This game could benefit from having some more definite short term goals. (example: going back to the above story idea, maybe the character must first try to create a convincing disguise [collect carpet remnants to build a costume], Then he must build a fake house around his crashed spaceship, then he must get a job to buy chain saws and other common lawn equipment to disassemble his spaceship and use the parts to build a transmitter. Or to go even further, maybe the character could be trying to become a business tycoon so that he can build his own city where the roads and placement of the buildings spells out the words "I am trapped on this planet of lamas, please send help.")

3. This game could also use a villain. Perhaps a suspicious lama is figuring out that the character is not what he says he is. Maybe if the player does too many non-lama activates, the villain can come and fight the character- and if your strength is less than 300, the villain could over power you.

4. You could also use a bit-part character who is the hero's friend who (for one reason or another) stays back at the house/ship. As your character becomes stronger or smarter, the non-playable-character who's loafing around at home-base could give a short speech about what he thinks about this lama planet and how it compares to his homeworld.

5. You don't need to have an over head view of everything in the city. You could have ground-level perspective in front of some of the shops or under a forest canopy (if you ever wish to incorporate a forest)

billytheretard responds:

Excellent comment, thanks for the creative material, I may just need some of this for the full version, now I know the full version needs storyline eh? Thanks for the information, I may just do something like your alien thing, like when you try to visit the shops they llamas say "hay! You no llama we no serve you" and then you visit an old llama engineer which wants to help you because "somethingsomething" and so you need to get these things in order to build a llama desguise but there is a villan llama knows what's going on and you have to defeat him or somethingsomething and near the end when you are ready to travel home the engineer is near fate and you must go on a quest to save him blah blah blah well that's just what my mind is thinking thanks for the help!

recognizing that it's a demo

The game is enjoyable, but at this point my question is "what's the point?" i was able to get qualified for a every job and a few grand in the bank in under 20 days. at this point there is nothing left to do.

as far as llama training goes, having a llama fighting arena would be fantastic. why have a fighting llama if he cannot fight some other llamas/animals?

keep up the good work. i look forward to the full version.

billytheretard responds:

Thanks for the comment :D. A llama arena is in progress, I already know how to make turn based battles so the full version will be sure to have a fighting arena, who knows I may add multiplayer battles

Looks alright

Not sure what the point of it is though. Is this simply a "spend time and money to increase one's stats over a period of ___ days" kind of RPG. One with no real story or combat or exploration? No offense but hasn't this kind of game been done to death? Hopefully you could add some innovations to it.

billytheretard responds:

Yeah, you're right, it wont be like that for the full version though mate ^_^.

I like it so far.

I like it all o.o
I don't know if i played all that was in the demo but maybe you could add a story to it to make it interesting and give me a reason to play.

billytheretard responds:

Maybe in the full version, maybe. Thanks for you're creative suggestion, it may just help me make my full version even better :D.