Reviews for "RWD: Death"

You gave the RWD a worthy last movie.

Rest In Peace
The year it began - 2010


Good night,sweet prince

Its not a ripoff

Its a parody its not a ripoff :( have you read the description first?

nipple grab really

XD haha funny

Death can be funny!

I've been watching the RWD series for awhile and it's interesting to see where it goes. It helps that "Cooking Sama" is one of my all-time favorite flash submissions. It only fits that someone would make a variant featuring the opposite genders. I didn't quite know what was going to happen, but it was certainly fun to watch. The animation is as good as ever in your works. I especially like how the two people in the plane looked so different in terms of artwork.

It's always great to hear about you getting stuff done that you never quite got around to finishing. Hey, this is the year we killed Bin Laden and released Duke Nukem Forever! The music is also great because it gives off a really mysterious sense. I had no idea that something like toast could be so destructive. I like the black and white guy.