Reviews for "RWD: Death"

When I saw this....

I could only think of KIRBY!! Lol :) I love the video game soundtrack for the N64, brings good old memories...and the style of the animation sorta did too...

ANYWAYS, this was none the least a very interesting flash, not really sure if you were aiming to portray some kind of message or just meaningless humors nonsense but that's okay! Lol cuz we all enjoy that stuff anyways :P
I liked all the animation, the story line was uhhh random may I say? lol don't know why those two kids were so frightened by a piece of toast...but then again maybe they have a phobia of toast...who knows?

You could have made it a little more extensive, really didn't know what was going on. but i guess it was just a flash of a series of random maybe unfortunate events :P

Well I'm looking forward to your future flashes keep up the good work!


P.S- I liked the song at the end of the credits :) was kinda heart felt lol

Great Art

I loved the art style in this flash, and the animation was very well done. Sadly, it lacking in the plot department, making the flash a bit boring. If you made it longer, added a substantial plot, and put in some comedy, you'd have a great flash!