Reviews for "RWD: Death"


This was the first time I was introduced to your characters and they died. I watched the animation first and was just about to cry Omg cooking sama rip-off since it is on my fav. list but you said in the credits pretty small a parody of it so i was yay XD. the nipple twisting was my favorite part. it was like he was saying maybe if I twist the nipple I can imagine he is a girl. Lol

Oh well

All good things come to a good end.

Luis seems to be the only RWD who can afford a tomb-stone.
Tom should've got LazyMuffin his sponsorship earlier.

Luis responds:

LMAO. indeed!


Just forget it


Was fun while it lasted!
If I still had my army uniform I would dress up and salute.

Was that Lazymuffin?

What else can I say? Great movie Luis!