Reviews for ".: Demon Hunter :."

DMC Much?

Graphic : nothing new. I like the desing but it lacks originality. Store Clerk is kewl though!
Music : Not bad. Catchy song for the level and heavy for the sub bosses.
Gamplay : Not the best i've seen. I think you should work on the UI and the mouvements a bit more. Overall it's "ok".

Is this really your first flash game? Because it's pretty well done. If the other maker of this game have more knowledge sure, but it's uncommon to see such detailed perfomance on the first try.

I like your game. Work on it a little more and add some effect. Maybe a quality setting? Voices could be a funny add on with the bosses. Make the girl's chest "bouncy" ? That's my own perverted suggestion, don't mind me =P

Store Clerk could be an interactive character. i mean what if clicking on her produced some side-effect in the game? (Faster mouvement speed, better jumps. etc) with a % of chance happening.

I found some glitches and bugs here and there. Here's a few of them.
When you jump, you can shoot below the ground level.
You can double and triple jump using the rocket launcher and a breakable object.
When you switch weapon very fast and don't release spacebar, you get the infinite rocket with machine gun speed while carrying the gun sprite. Was kewl on the last boss.
The gun glitch can also make the game crash or freeze.
Replaying a level with a bosse will make that boss reappear.
One of the level (not the end level) doesn't have the white mask. Sorry i dont remember which, the game is currently frozen for me atm (too much gun glitche)

I think that's about it. Work on it a little more pal! i'm sure you can get a helluva good game with that!

Marsume responds:

Thanks the the great review.
Everything was done by me, and yeah It's my first game.
Zach worked on it with me, but he only did sfx and music.

And thanks for pointing out those things, that I may have missed.

Every level does indeed have a white mask, it just might be hidden ;)
Thanks again!

simple, arcadey type game

not bad for a summer project, games a bit easy, the boss on level 3 iirc gave me a lil trouble though, good art, good sounds, and music, the control felt a lil stiff though... a good game, i would have liked to see a grenade button my self, but that's just me thanks for the upload

Marsume responds:

Thanks :D

I was actually thinking of adding in a grenade that you could click on the screen and it would detonate there, destroying whatever was around... that would have been cool. I don't know what I didn't haha.

Not bad

Not bad, and certainly not bad for your first game that you created while learning AS3. It does need some work, however; for starters, the collision detection is a bit off. Many times I would miss a platform when I should have landed on the edge, or I would bounce up rapidly when jumping from underneath a platform. The enemies that shoot bullets definitely need to be changed, as their bullets are incredibly difficult to see and they never stop shooting, forcing the player to take at least a few hits in order to kill them. A player should never be forced to take damage in order to progress... and this brings me to my next gripe. The fire is literally impossible to completely avoid; the player has to take at least a few points of damage in order to jump over even the smallest flame.

Possibly the biggest problem is the fact that weapon damage is unlimited. The health upgrades are limited, so why don't you also limit weapon damage upgrades? If I played the game long enough, I could be walking around with a machine gun that does 999 damage per hit, and that's just not cool. I understand that the game is short enough for this not to be a huge issue, but there's nothing stopping players from grinding levels for extra points to supercharge one of their weapons if they are having trouble with one of the bosses.

A personal gripe that I had was the bonus for getting the skulls... I get +100,000 points for getting all the skulls? If I have gotten all of the skulls, I've likely already beaten the game, so what good do points do me at that point? It would have been nice to have something unlockable, such as concept art, secret levels, anything other than points that were essentially useless.

Definitely not a bad game, but it has its fair share of problems. Good luck with future games, mate.

Marsume responds:

Thanks for the great review.

Very good points which I will keep in mind, thanks!