Reviews for ".: Demon Hunter :."

for a first game good

graphics can always be better
metal slug atmosphere keeps originality yet twisted enough to feel different and it feels mixed with skull Dad from Danpaladin.

Great game, but kinda short

For your first game, this is great. The graphics aren't bad, but their not terribly good. But since it's your first, that wont matter much. The gameplay is kinda glitchy, and I often found my self trying to walk forward, but being pushed backwards instead by some invisible force. Also there were moments where it was very lag intensive, and that made it difficult to fight, givin the limited controls. I personally would've liked it better if you could shoot while ducking. Moving on, the biggest point for me was game length. This is a 15.8 mb game, and its 25 mins long? I've played games that were 4-5 mb and they took hours to beat. I find it extremely hard to believe the game is that big, and yet that short and simple. Please add more and make it fit the file size a little better? And as for what Sreith said, all the masks are there, because I found them all and spammed my pistol to 150 dps.

Basically, what everyone else said. :P

It's a great game, but the movements need to be a little more fluid, the game as a whole is a bit short, and I found a few "slipping off the platforms" problems.

Other than that, it's a great game! Your first?! Hell yeah! You're on the right track. :D

Marsume responds:

Thanks :D

Pretty decent :)

For your 1st flash game this was pretty kewl :D The graphics were really nice but the gameplay was kinda boring tho nothing new and also it kinda felt like metal slug XD Kudos for making this in As3 :D

Marsume responds:

Haha thanks!
It was supposed to feel like metal slug because thats the game we based it on! :P


For your first flash game, this isn't bad. The controls are very solid and the music is tolerable. The looks of the levels and the enemies all seem similar but this is your first flash game, so it is okay. One thing that bothered me is the inability to shoot while crouched. This would help for the enemies that use the automatics because you can't help but take damage when the player comes across them since they don't stop shooting. Also, I would like for the look of the player's weapons to change when you switch between them. It looks weird that a handgun/ak looking gun is shooting rockets.

Marsume responds:


Good points,I'll keep them in mind for the future. :)