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Reviews for "Reincarnation: TBOH"

:3 its amaizing. i play these games when i get bored

Loved the van idea.
Keep them coming love them.

Thnx for the tip awesomekid52....and now this is for the Credits~~thank you newgrounds and Theauthor,D-Mac-Double,TaroNuke,theco mposerguy, and TomaMoto~~THANK YOU ALL!!!

Good game :P

Here is a walkthrough:
1) In the front of the van, click the right mirror to get a bronze key (click it after it falls), get the towel in the pocket of the driver's seat and go to the back. (Down arrow)
2)To the right of the back door, there's a silver key. Get it, you'll need it later. Use the bronze key to open the box and obtain a screwdriver.
3)Click the yellow bucket and get a cigarrete lighter, you'll need that for the end >:D
(DO NOT forget to click the blue and red wire rolls above the box (Which is a red chest actually :P)
4) Go to the seat area, use the silver key on the compartment to optain a flashlight.
5)Click the flashlight to obtain it, then click in and click the screwdriver, you'll get a battery.
6) Use the wires you got and click the cut wires below the radio. Go to the back again.
7) Click the battery, then click the end of the wires. Go to the front again.
8)Click the radio, then click the power button, discovering what the Reincarnie did wrong! (Not telling :P) Put the lighter in some outlet, take it out, and go to the back.
9)Unscrew the red cap at the top of the thingamajig, and put the towel in the hole. Use the now lighted lighter on the towel, and you win!

Awesome as always

Please don't stop making them