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Reviews for "Reincarnation: TBOH"


to get the secret trophy you don't do anything for like an hour or so then he will spill the beans himself. this series is really good.

i accsedently won the secret metal.

the secret metal can be won by not doing anything for about a minute or so. i got bord and watched family guy or some funny crap like that. and when i checked my recent medals, sure enough, the metal was there. i was kinda creeped out at first and though someone was using my account, until i read how i won thw metal. funny story, huh.

f##k s##t

azom game

awsome!!!! B)

its real awsome but im having trouble finding out how to get the secret trophy does anyone know how to get it?

it have been awhile....

it's really awesome...love the background music....one of my favorite point and click games...keep up with the good job....