Reviews for "Reincarnation: TBOH"

its good.

but i think you are taking it a little serious, is there anyone that will buy a doll or a comic? and zeldafreak, the wick is the towel that you find in the back of the seat.

i likeit.......

but the music just doesnt sound right for this one game if anything i think it would do great in TCOU

how do u kill the guy

i made it to where the devil says he needs a wick to blow up the place. where the fuck do i get it from


to get the secret trophy you don't do anything for like an hour or so then he will spill the beans himself. this series is really good.

i accsedently won the secret metal.

the secret metal can be won by not doing anything for about a minute or so. i got bord and watched family guy or some funny crap like that. and when i checked my recent medals, sure enough, the metal was there. i was kinda creeped out at first and though someone was using my account, until i read how i won thw metal. funny story, huh.