Reviews for "Ninja versus demon"

Omg wow!

That was truly amazing
I watched the movie feeling quite envious of the clean cut action.

I'm guessing 24fps? I could be wrong, and if it is less I applaud you.

Great job!

SunnyGOES responds:

Thanks, it was 25 fps actually :)


Love the sound on that action....
Great, Just awsome video...
Cant wait to see Ninja versus demon part 2


very nice fighting choreography
also its not a pirate vs ninja thing XD some change once in a while is good

Action that You can feel

Love the animations and sounds but didn't like the music much , I think if some stronger beatz were used it would be better.

very well done

just wish it was longer :). like the fighting scenes and good touch on the music. keep up the good work