Reviews for "Ninja versus demon"

********* stars

great action and it was entertaining - sound effects and all made the fighting seem that much better.. the point lost is that it's a little simplistic, as long as theres room for improvement theres gonna be that bit to earn, i do know that it would of taken alot of work as it is though. nice work



Super cool

Super cool sequence, nicely made, everything have been said before.

but i have two constuctive crticsism points, not very much but a little.
in the weapon battle, the ninja is suddenly really bad, it would be cool with some more parries from the demon so they look equal.

the last part where the demon bleeds, it would be nice if you find another, bit more blood like animation, doesn't quite look right.

But super nice sequence, keep up the good work.


10/10 5/5
With what the F program did you use?

Are you saying the ninja wins?

I like the animationand overal its really good.But seriously?The ninja beats a demon?