Reviews for "Ninja versus demon"

Very Nice, Keep on going and you will be a star!

Very cool animation, i especially loved the demon: the static happy face with empty round eyes was just perfect. The Ninja dude was maybe kinda dull but it didint really bother me. Keep on going, work with your skills so that they improve, and someday, YOU WILL CREATE SOMETHING OF UTTER EPICNESS!!!

it was pretty good

i like the fight and it was good music but the artwork was pretty bla and boring like the background the color and the characters and the demon didn't really look like a demon more like a happy bald alien

Good but no Great

The music was good it looks there was some effort making the vid but i wish the graphics were better

Incredible Art

Try to do some fan service. xD


really good, i think if u put some more effort on it youll get something big, btw i loved the music u used for background kindda gave the short a feeling of videogame