Reviews for "Ninja versus demon"


I loved the fluidity of the animation and how the movement felt weighty and significant.

Not to mention I actually payed a lot of attention to the characters. They both felt distinct and different from each other. It didn't feel like clones were fighting, they were distinct.

I really hope to see more, I can only see it getting better


Really good and fluid animation, your especialy good at anatomy and proportions.


It was one of the coolest ninja movies I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!![:

so damn amazing

this is so amazing i like the part where the ninjas slices the demons head

my input

Now you see this is what I like to see ...non of that stick figure stuff that's all over new grounds even though i still like the stick fighting animation its just not Original and I know this rotoscope animation must have took days to finish and well all i gotta say is good work I do believe the background art could have been better maybe some city's here a glow effect there if me and you were working together we would come up with a master piece but I know the background art was not what you were going for in this piece well good job and keep up the good work!