Reviews for "Ninja versus demon"

I dont know

This was good but still not if you now what i mean

Simply said...


Dude wow...

That was fuckin incredible. I love the expressions on the characters and the style as well. Do me one favor and never polish the animation it looks amazing exactly how it is.


I like the look of abandon in the ninja's eyes. Not quite crazy, but driven. All self preservation seems to be gone, in favor of destroying the demon.
The demon seems chaotic. Playing with the ninja to see how far he will go to try to destroy him. I enjoyed this. I'm wondering who will win this battle.

All Style, No Substance -- It's All For the Better

Fight sequence Flashes, while cool, rarely hold up. Granted they are pretty popular, but should they be? Most of them lack creativity or substance using the same kinds of effects and fighting movies that only befit Dragon Ball Z.

But this interesting and short video makes everything look like practice. Well choreographed and stylistic beyond belief, this combines moderm fantasy stock characters and grey colors with very geometric visuals, giving it somewhat of a noir look. And it's all very calculated, from the anime-esque look of the fighters and the bouncy techno fighting music to the sharp corners on just about every blended-in background piece. This was made to appeal to the action fan who wants a quick burst of adrenaline in their animation, without the hassles of a rhyme or a reason.

Normally, that would hinder a better work. But the originality and the life in this piece allows it to rise above the competition.