Reviews for "Ninja versus demon"

hm :/

To start off with its very well animated and the music is fitting and so on,
but the demon is way to plain and in the end where he gets cut in the face
it looks really bad with the fact that the would goes over the open mouth
and it just makes it worse with the numb part of the face, it just doesnt look good.

everything else was well done :P

lol, Awesome!

its uber cool! but i seriously think that the ninja looks like it hasnt slept for several days....

very well done

just wish it was longer :). like the fighting scenes and good touch on the music. keep up the good work


everythng was smooth and good plus the fighting moves was awsome plus really good.i also like the music in the background.keep it up.


Man your animations are very smooth, simple, stylish, and kickass, i like that. Keep 'em coming man, cant wait to see more.