Reviews for "Madness: Premeditation"

Awesome Game you got here

drown out the hecklers, its a awesome game! ..just some cry for there mommies at a bit of challenge. i love the concept ..it really makes you think..kinda frustating at times for even me ..but i had fun playing it and so i give it 10/10 5/5


nice but it was hard to kill the madness victims when ur in trickys cs room.it was challenging,but i beat the game easily.what im saying is its....FUN!!!!

Awesome original game

Very original gameplay!!
I especially like that you can share your performances and Show off them
I hope this game will have a sequel (with more levels than this)!!!

This Game ROCKS!!!


Brillant Game!

This game is both challenging but most importantly a refreshing addition to the Madness Combat Flash game genre. You could have easily made a Madness themed platformer (which admittedly would have probably still been fun) but you opted for a cool strategy/puzzle based game instead, which totally makes the game unique.

I first played this game last year on Madness Day and to be honest didn't really understand it so I gave up. I guess I didn't really give it enough time to get used to the controls and rules of the game engine. Then recently I was looking through some games and rediscovered this and really got into playing it. Each level seems to be well thought out and as mentioned before pretty challenging, although the learning curve should maybe be a little smoother. I spent a good few hours playing it and thoroughly enjoyed it, the arsenal section is the icing on the cake as it's always nice to earn new weapons and feel like you're making progress on multiple levels. The rule about only firing two handed weapons forward brought balance to the gameplay and showed me that a lot of detail was applied when producing the game.

I'm actually still stuck on the final boss and have doubts about completing it anytime soon. This brings me onto my only real criticism of the game. The boss battle levels don't really function in the same way as the normal levels and makes things feel rather inconsistent. When you play a boss battle for the first time you don't know where the boss i going to move so you have to rely on trial and error which can get a bit frustrating. It's only after the 3/4th attempt that you start to get the hang of the boss' route and can start making some decent progress.

In conclusion this is an excellent and well thought out game, I hope you guys bring out another awesome game this Madness Day!