Reviews for "Madness: Premeditation"

Clown is FINALLY dead..

Awesome puzzle game.. it did use up all my analyzing powers which tested my patience..


tricky is immposible

BoMToons responds:

yeah, he's a little tricky :3

Great game

difficult was ok -claudette 4.try

i rl like this game make more like this :D

Woah, sweet difficulty

Wow, this is tough.
Just when I thought the game was difficult, you HAD to add bosses in.
Spent 2 hours and haven't even completed Claudette.
Amazing concept there, though this may be a touch too difficult for people who lack patience and timing.

i didnt have this problem bfore

but i am now having the same issue as leon8108, i cant move with the arrows or WAD. i played this the day it was released and didnt have a problem (see i even got a medal)