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Reviews for "Jack Matthews"

Love it

Best thing I've seen all day.
Only problem is that Americans pronounce it Airplane. Aeroplane sounds better though
Loved the colours in this too!


I thought it was really funny. I loved the voices, animation, and it was funny. It was a little short though, but everything else made up for it. Keep up the good work.


more...More...MOre...MORe...MORE...MM MMMOOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the end claimed it was a bad animation, thus you could make this quite simply and very fast...so PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEE, continue the great story of a true American hero JACK MATHEWS
if it was longer i would have tried to hack for an 11 star rating
but damnit, newgrounds is good at blocking that as well



It's not 'awful'

y'know, this'd make a good movie.