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Reviews for "Jack Matthews"



Pretty outrageous

This is a really funny cartoon because it completely relishes in how ridiculously stupid it is. You even commented that the animation was terrible in the credits. It's great as always to see Oney and Almightyhans working together. The animation in this was actually really good, especially the scene where the woman gets incinerated. It is also great that this guy is just so cool in how his gun blasts the laser and stuff. The only thing I did not like was that it seemed to end a little too early.

This was still fun to watch and you really have no idea what to expect when it first shows Barrack Obama on screen. Hey, no planes have been attacked under his administration! The real selling point is how stupid the woman sounds as she talks about the president. For something fairly short, it had a lot going on. If this was ever made into a game, I have little doubt it would be great.

wow itrs amazing how....

wow itrs amazing how kids can type these days I give you a 9 (cuz its a realistic number) and btw guluik if your going to be a D**** or a troll (which ever) learn how to spell plz thank you.


freaking epic LOL

Perfectly ridiculous

How could you NOT want to continue this?!