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Reviews for "The Insanity 2"


The "Replay" option was a great touch. You never felt punished for making a mistake but there was still a consequence for failure.

Very cool and atmospheric.

Freakin' Amazing!!!

I love the game! The artwork you used for the environments and the creatures was really good. It did remind me of Ex Mortis, and that's what sold it to me. The soundtrack and effects were very well done. I hope you make more!
P.S. And how about a beastiary for all of us? You know, 3D models, medical and observation notes from the good Doctor, stuff like that. That would be awesome!


fucking shit. this went above and beyond expectations. I LOVE this! Great job :D

That was...

That gameshed . com ad was awesome

this is a good game

the graphics are very good and this game is quite scary. the sounds are very good but the puzzles are a bit hard . i can't wait for your next game to appear.