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Reviews for "The Insanity 2"

Great game

A very well done, horrifying game. My only two complaints:
-There was a typo in Alexander's room. I can't remember exactly where now.
-Escaping from the monster in the sewere pipe was extremely annoying... you should change that so it doesn't take quite as much mouse clicking.

Other than those two things though, it was very well done. Great work!

Nice Game

Very good game, and so very hard! I like this creepy atmosphere, the only thing I disliked was when I look into those eyes-holes, I don't like the animation, imho it could be a better one.


This game is HARD. I love it, though. Well put together, with that usual cheesy air of suspense. Definitely a 10/10. Only one thing; is the pipe key supposed to fight in the cylinder-lock? Because if it is, the game is broken.

good idea

Dont you just love these games where the only way to move forward is to find one single little thing to click on hidden away in some far corner?

Just finished......

this is the only game that has made me go "O GOD WTF !?!"
it was a awesome game i liked the character design but next time (if there is) try to show the characters more,like the giant moster in the chained room,i barely saw what it looked like other than that....Fantastic game dude !