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Reviews for "The Insanity 2"

Sorry, dude... Just no fukkin idea what to do with the tasslebroomchandelier or whatever on that mirror. You click on the things. Nothing happens. Then what?

EvilKris responds:

I gave links to a walkthrough in the world, AND the code is also given

I would have enjoyed this game but sadly part 1 has a glitch where I only see stripes and I hear a guy getting wounded so I couldn't even start playing it. The issue with Insanity 2 is a similar problem zs well I can't play the game because it won't load it's stuck at 6.9 mb. This is a huge dissapointment. I hope someday you fix this so I can enjoy the game.

That guy in the intro though :D
Nice game, overall

I....I don't I have ever fallen in love with a game before, but I have now. It...It was a good game...On newgrounds. *crys*

it won't load it says loading 6.9 mb please help