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Reviews for "The Insanity 2"

This really was a thriller..

The traps (especially the one in the room with the sink) were superb.

I liked the ingenious ways you had to triumph, and how far you had to sink to get out.. for all the good it does.

Very much in the vein of an horror flick, and I thank you for making it!


just like all point and click games... so dumb. Why do I need a key to open a door when i have a perfectly good foot? Why are half the items I see not obtainable? That handrail could break down the door too.

Point and clicks always fail because they are dumb.

Very Scary

Besides the animations being a little shaky it was perfect. The art/visuals were almost scarier than they needed to be while the music and sounds just made it chilling. This is definitely one of the scarier games in existence.


This game is absolutely disgusting,horrible and disturbing. That being said, everyone should love it. Good work, on creating this! You get my top thumbs up.


It was well done. I however thought it was more on the line of a find lots of clues and figure out how to use them to escape type...and of course solve the story.