Reviews for "my madnessday compilation"

Nice, but a couple of problems.

Can use some improvements in the tweens.

I can think of a better audio track for you to use.

And you could add a little more movements for the people.

sebaametalix responds:

yes, but i make this in 2 days, and yes, i need move more the agents.


so freakishly awesome for a first flash !

sebaametalix responds:

thanks :P


enemys re really easy

sebaametalix responds:

i know

audio steal

audio steal there are was used in incident 0/10 for that

sebaametalix responds:

isn't steal, i put the sound and the author in the left, lol.

Uhh... what the fucking hell did i just waste my life fucking watching? A PIECE OF ABSOLUTE TERRIBLE ANIMATION SHIT!