Reviews for "my madnessday compilation"

xD hehehe excelente!

it's great! : D madness and ramdom! you should teach me to animate madness in that way XDDD hehehe fucking awesome! ; D srsly, it's short that's the only bad thing but is nice! : D happy madness day man! (madness day was yesterday but... ANYWAY!) hehehe XD

sebaametalix responds:

gracias ernesto :D


BOOM HEADSHOT! pretty good kinda short though,youre not krinkles but youre good


You have great skills. So funny at the end!


i like... osea me gusto la animacion esta re wena xD!

sebaametalix responds:

gracias :D

no está mal

tienes que hacer más animaciones como esta o mejores!!! :D

sebaametalix responds:

eso es lo que estoy tratando de hacer, gracias por el apoyo :D