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Reviews for "Gearlock: Episode 1"

Very promising

It was very nice, with that steampunk look and your drawing style that reminded me of Wayfinder. Keep it going like that, these games are nice.

And now for the negative feedback:
* The game was too short, it would be nice as the first of a three-part game (fix the steamship, explore the woods and the ancient tunnels -or the like-, and solve big puzzle or kill bad guy or something, all on the same game).
* The music is nice, but there are only 2 tracks and they don't fit specific scenes, e.g. while the ship is being attacked and there's the steam emergency, the guitar+violin+piano+percussion one doesn't fit, it would be better to only use the harpsichord(?) one, keeping the other one for the puzzle solving part.
* Some animations would have been nice in the part in which the zeppelin falls. On the other hand, it would have broken the aesthetic of the game (still images). Maybe putting more pictures on the sequence would help (you don't feel like the zeppelin is falling if there's a still image, but 3 of them might be nice).
* The belt (inventary) isn't very intuitive to use. If items can't be combined, it's better that clicking an item puts down another item.

Anyway, it has been an amusing game, in the line of other games you make. Thanks for doing it!

Enjoyable but frustrating

Good job on the game but for some reason there's a glitch (on my computer) that cuts of some of the text, like it's not wrapping properly or something. Since it's a text-heavy game this is kinda annoying.

Hyptosis responds:

That's pretty strange, I'll see if I can recreate the error. Did you try reloading it?


its ok but i dont know it the style it the type of style i like but the music i think you coald have done e better job and maybe a bit longer ...you need to try harder for this one


Really great and awesome artwork. And the music is nice, too. The puzzles are easy but fun.

What a shame it's so incredibly short.


I liked its style, like the Wayfinder game, although I agree with others that item usage is annoying. I also found it frustrating that I could only go somewhere after solving previous puzzles, instead of exploring on my own; and items weren't easy to see, it's not a hidden object game after all! In any case, I'd love to see episode two (also for Wayfinder:)