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Reviews for "Gearlock: Episode 1"

Hehe, Abby's bum :P

Very fun, but a bit on the short side. Of course, I understand that you just made this one for fun, so I don't mind. You better hurry up and make the next part! :D

Gah! Cliffhanger...

Looking forward to part two :)
Music, story was pretty good.
Also loved the detailed backgrounds.
What I didnt like was, that the characters' name appeared 'on' the background and not in the text box. (That red outline didnt pass well with the art. )
Anyway, good game.

Hyptosis responds:

Sorry about that, sounds like an annoying bug, it looked good on my screen. I'll try to do better!


how many parts are their going to be great game good story line

Hyptosis responds:

I'm planning on 3.

WOW 10/10 5/5

That was AMAZING! Finally I play an escape type game with an actual story line to it! I love the dialogue.

My only advice to to try to make the next game a little longer, other than that, everything was great! The characters, plot, and graphics were all amazing!

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, I"ll try to make the next one longer. Thanks! ^_^

Like it

Awaiting 2nd part :P Rather easy this one :P