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Reviews for "Gearlock: Episode 1"

Not bad at all

Great art at the very least. I thought the game-play was just fine. I'm not really sure why it's being scored so inconsistently.

I hope you do another.

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, they either love it or hate it! =P Who knows, thanks for the feedback. ^_^


its ok but i dont know it the style it the type of style i like but the music i think you coald have done e better job and maybe a bit longer ...you need to try harder for this one


short kinda boring, thats my opinion. X(

Steampunk puzzler, well exectued.

Interesting steampunk concept that was very well executed. Gameplay very compelling - it's good to see some puzzles that require a little thought instead of simple collection of items, although a little more difficulty and length would be appreciated. I also liked the way that elements of what I presume will be a larger story arc were flagged in this first game, such as the curious prisoner. Speaking of which, the story was told very well too, with just enough information withheld to keep one interested. Will queue for a sequel!


Give me my medal!!!!

Hyptosis responds:

I refuse.