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Reviews for "Gearlock: Episode 1"

Gorgeous artwork, a bit short

The real strength of this game was its delightful visuals. You have a very unique and enjoyable visual style, and I'm happy you felt the urge to share it with us.

The game itself was a bit short, though. Only a few items to collect, and none of the puzzles really gave me pause for thought-though they were nicely done. Like Wolfie I liked the beetle one--probably because it was quite elegant. (Though I didn't enjoy the scan-clicking for screws; some visual feedback on clickable/interactive regions would have saved some time.)

One other interface quibble: if items can't be combined in your belt and you click another item, the currently selected item should be immediately replaced by the one you just clicked on. Having to deselect the selected item first is an unnecessary nuisance.

I'll look out for the second installment. Incidentally, Abby and Horace have to be two of the most uncannily attractive video game characters ever; I'll be ever so annoyed if you put in any romantic subtext between them!

easy but...

what is the ink pen do????

Hyptosis responds:

It is a puzzle man, =P Just look at what part of the ship you're currently working on and see if the pen can help.

I'm too good at these, so very nice job. xD

Maybe it's just because I've played the most obscure escape games on the known internet, and beaten almost all of them without the walkthroughs...
:) Saw through the pen thing without yer walks. You tricky bastard. xD
;P Did I have fun? Yes. I won't deny it.
Very obscure on that beetle thing. :) I like what u did thar.

In comparison with some escape games (two of which I've yet to beat) this one's not that bad. :) It'll keep the newbies guessing for one heck of a long time though. xD

I thought about giving you a ten, because I liked this game overall.
But there was only one qualm.
I had to guess the reactor code on my own.
I may have missed the explanation regarding it, if one existed.
:) That, and the duration of the game was a little bit short.
That... and an infinite loop of the same music over and over can get... erm...
It could be the coolest thing ever, and still get just a little...
And it didn't truly fit the mood. :P You did try though.
To be honest, one of the soundtracks reminded me of something I might hear in a Sonic the Hedgehog game, in a wooden-boardwalk/forest style zone, that featured water, just without the intensity. This one was alright.

The other felt more like something I'd expect out of a town area that was supposed to be some sorta hub of activity in an MMORPG or something.
"Happy-joyfulness" doesn't say "OHSHI- we're stranded in a strange place!" ^^
..."with a weird blue prisoner that might break out and torque my as-"
yeah. xD haa...

You've got the idea though. :) Work at it. You're almost there.
I look forward to the next one. This time, you'll get a 9.
Next time, I hope to be dishing out a ten. ^w^

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to do better next time.

I liked it!

Very neat. I like the amount of work put into the art and the backgrounds, especially the ship mechanisms. What I liked the most though was the replies you got when trying to use things with different items, haha. It really made me laugh imagining the captain actually going around rubbing flint and scribbling all over the machinery at random and expecting results c': Makes me think how silly point-and-click game characters are sometmes.
The pen bit bothered me a bit, though. I would had never thought of it myself, really and if I hadn't resorted to a walkthrough (after trying clicking on everything trying to find that last pipe) I never would thought of it. In general I liked it though c: And I think I'll try to find episode 2.

Hyptosis responds:

Sorry about the pen, I thought it was clever and 'sometihng the player wouldn't immediatly think of' otherwise everyone would say it was too easy.

Well done!

The visual style was very unique and interesting and the puzzles were just challenging enough. I look forward to the second installment as well as more from you.

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you so much! Means a lot to me. ^_^