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Reviews for "Gearlock: Episode 1"

Very Good!

I loved the reactions to using items where they shouldn't go. Like ax to the map. lol The only thing that would make it better is more medals.

Good but

Have a way to take notes, pictures, etc while playing the game. This would hep in solving puzzles..

Hehe...Abby's Hot.

Yep, Abby is sure hot.

This is a really great game!

It's really interesting, it has a fresh plot no one has used before, very creative.
Im going to give this a 9 / 10.
I would give it a 10 / 10, but im gonna be immature here.

The music, before it got upbeat and cheerful, the slow and creepy music was to scary for me lol. I thought this was gonna be a scary game. It ruined it for me. But it is 11:58 PM and im in the dark so ... Ahaha.
Im not gonna be a jerk and give you a low rating for that though, im just being immature and can't stop myself. Great game, and i really hope you'll make a sequel since the ending was a cliff hanger!


Really great and awesome artwork. And the music is nice, too. The puzzles are easy but fun.

What a shame it's so incredibly short.