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Reviews for "Gearlock: Episode 1"

I might be a retard

cuz i didnt get the sencond. but im half stoned so that might account for something. haha. i like the style of the game and the soundtrack was catchy.


I liked its style, like the Wayfinder game, although I agree with others that item usage is annoying. I also found it frustrating that I could only go somewhere after solving previous puzzles, instead of exploring on my own; and items weren't easy to see, it's not a hidden object game after all! In any case, I'd love to see episode two (also for Wayfinder:)

Like it

Awaiting 2nd part :P Rather easy this one :P

Great Game but with a few flaws.

The game is way too simple and sometimes the music is the same everywhere and sometimes out of place like in crashing. Well, all-in-all, it is a great game.

Good drawings, lack of story and UI.


The drawings are awesome, also the setting of the story is interesting.

Most obviously it's too short i beat it in about 10 min or so. I am not trying to brag, but most puzzles are just too standard. For example: I didn't take out the screws, so I could make a rattle, it was because i found a screwdriver and there was a screwed on plate so I just used it, once i found the screwdriver.
The puzzle that took me the longest was the one in the control core room, only because i had to switch between the screen with the solution so often

The interface is annoying, mostly because every items keeps being selected even after being used at it's one and only pupose.
Also, if there is no possibility to combine items, an item should be deselected, when clicking another one, instead of having to deselect the first.

The music is kind of inadeqate. It should have more of a mystery touch instead of the Ragnarok Online sound a like you used.

It also lacks Animation on characters, making it too stale.

For Episode 2 I would suggest a more elaborate story and character design.
Also the puzzles should be more "out of the box". Maybe you should hire someone for storywrting and puzzles or something.

Hope to see ep2 soon.