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Reviews for "Gearlock: Episode 1"

Aside from the lag after fitting the pipes it was pretty darn good. The music is a perfect fit for the pirate-y steampunkish style of the ship and crew.
Artwork is top-notch. The blending of color and shading style fits the genera just right.
The bit at the beginning where you shoot down enemy airships could have been extended and perhaps made a tad more challenging and/or required a bit of intuitive thinking/problem solving ability like having to figure out just where to hit them to bring them down or something.
I wouldn't go overboard with that though since you don't want the first-time players to get stuck and discouraged before the find their feet.
The little snarky comments when you click on random background items are hillarious and help keep the whole thing fun, light, and interesting.
Like everyone else I'm jonesing for a sequal. Pretty pleeeez wif sugar?
Also, Abbey is somehow adorable despite looking like she could kick the living crap outta me. :)

This is a pretty cool game, but I was unable to finish it.
For some reason, my pc would freeze up every time I get to the Pipe Room >:/
All in all, it is pretty good... I'll try and finish it from a different pc some time.

Nice and easy

So, I survived. Now I'm eager to see part two!
BTW, I liked the final riddle the most.

Keep them games coming!

by the way i found a spelling mistake

when i was messing around in the room with horace i used the screw driver with that pannel thing and it says if u take this apart the shp(instead of ship) may never leave the ground again


I can't believe that I missed this nice point and click game. Can't wait for the next one in the series. Keep up the great work.