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Reviews for "Gearlock: Episode 1"

It's okay...The medal isn't working though.

As expected, a superb point and click by Hyptosis, I look forward to a sequel.

My god where do i begin. i love your artwork and the story was awesome, but the music made me want to stab my eyes out. then the lag issue started getting on my nerves and after the third or fourth time i went around in circles cause i couldnt go anywhere i decided to give up. A for effort though. LOVED Hood and Alice though.

game was completely unplayable due to tremendous LAAAAAAAAG. OMFG... it was like watching really bad stop motion animation. The cursor would only move about every 4 seconds, making pipe placement impossible. Graphics looked good, and I was interested in the story line, but without being able to play, none of that matters.

Very good just not enoguht and episode 2 isnt out yet D:
Still all stars for you mate cheers :D
Game was nicely made even tho short and makes me have a want to know the story behind everything :P