Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

this is a great game

im suprised that you didnt have med-x in there with all of your other fallout chems thats a really good game

Great game once you take the time to understand it

I love this game. It took a bit of reading to get it down, but you're mutating a labrat into a monster. If it were too easy it just wouldn't seem right...

Pretty good

It's a nice concept

And here's some tips: 1. Use RAD but not injection, it's a waste and dangerous
2. Remember to buy medicine for wounds
3. Feed your monster frequently

there are actually tons of changes to the "labrat"

you just have to capture and fuze it with other "labrats" after that and the many implants there is an extreme change in appearence


I get pissed off when i run out of money and die then for some reason i just have to come back to play over and over.