Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

pretty good .,..

this game pretty good you should considering putting this on iphone ...

Wow..just..just wow..

This game is absolutely amazing, it is so in depth that it gives the game a realistic feel, I love every aspect of the game, not a single problem EXCEPT the fact that everytime I save, it saves offline..meaning that when I log onto my computer the next day, the saved file is gone and I have to start ALL OVER, anybody know how I can make an ONLINE save?

Dude, thats great!

For Newbys this game is hard because u dont rly know what to do and how to do right. After some time it makes more fun. Getting money is rly easy with 3-4 mines. Ilike that game very much because it takes a long period of time to finish that game and because its not so easy :D


arent stimpacks and radaway from fallout

its adicting but what does the scientist personel do and how do i make crafting more likely