Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

nice game but...

I like the game, but it sucks when the game hangs itself up saving to a remote computer.
Not sure if it's an instable connection, but there's no way to 'retry' saving or some such...

changko18 responds:

hi, sorry for the inconveniece. this is my first time with using that feature of mochiservices. yes that happens when you get disconnected. what's actually suppposed to happen is that you will get thrown back to the title page. i will look into it.

Looks fun

But I think I am retarded, I cannot figure out what's going on, really. I think you could do with a tutorial that is more in depth than the one you have in place

Great Game!

I'd just thought id mention the fact biomatter costs 100 and with 2 you can make pet food which sells for 300 so u can make instant money :S. ruins the game cos i get too tempted to cheat :)

changko18 responds:

oh i will fix that ASAP. thanks

it is

no, seriously its awesome

Takes a while to understand, but then its fun!

I like the idea!