Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

Oh my god....

Finally its here....I love you =D

Too much of:

Reading and remembering.
I didn`t like at all.

this is a great game

im suprised that you didnt have med-x in there with all of your other fallout chems thats a really good game

Good game, but

As has been mentioned several times, the miner mortality rate is abnormally high, and they are incapable of working off the cost of replacing them. I would suggest removing the death entirely, or make them capable of levelling up, with each level lowering the chance of death until it is eliminated by experience (the little number in the corner indicates to me you may have thought of doing something like miner-levelling already, but haven't implemented it yet).

I would also suggest making stacking engineers possible, to increase the chance of successfully crafting, because the %'s right now are so astronomically low I'm afraid to even sink the money into trying to craft the higher-end implants. The same would go for Scientists and Fusion; more scientists increases the chance for a successful fusion.

Basically, my only problem with the game is the %'s for success on so many things.

It would be better if you fixed it

Almost all the problems with this game can be summed up as X does not give you enough money.
I even signed up for mochi in the hopes that those exclusive upgrades would make a difference. but to no surprise, they don't even work. You might wanna look into that.
It would be wicked if miners ect did not die at all, gained experience, or you could spend money to eliminate the dangers in the mine. Personally i think you should be able to gain experience for your miners engineers and scientists so they are more useful. Crafting is a pain no matter how far in the game you are

It says if you press control you can move a whole stack. make it a different button. doesnt work for me, or anyone apparently

I love the concept of this game, but i dont want to spend ages grinding a flash game when i have better things to do & a few changes would speed up and improve the gameplay considerably. You made some changes to help beginners, but it didn't solve the problems inherent with the game it just gave you a small crutch. If youre just holding out for a 3rd title, FFS please fix these issues!

changko18 responds:

hi thanks dor the comments. ill look into those problems and think about making a whole new version. unfortunately, it's gonna take a while