Reviews for "Madness Day Art Collab 10"

Snoogans :3

Awesome selection of pictures, guys, you've really done the art forum proud - and I had particular fun just flicking through them. Checking back on last years, you guys have improved fuckloads, and really was a total pleasure to see you guys put this together.

A shame I couldn't pull my act together in time to submit a picture or two of my own, but the world has it's plans to screw you up one way or another, so it's still pretty damn rad to see this, done. Not to mention that each and every picture suited the music perfectly.

Great work, a total 10 and 5, and a fav to boot.

ScelesticFish responds:

Thanks a lot! Yaay fav! :D Yeah I think it was at least 6 times better then last years in all ways :)

Pretty awesome!

This is pretty damn awesome, good job everyone!

badass art

All the art was interesting, somewhat funny, amazing and freaking epic :D
I love the clay animations and what they would look in real life or some say anime version, but all you guys did a great job with this art collab :P

ScelesticFish responds:

Thanks you!


Put it on Deviant Art.

ScelesticFish responds:

A 6 is awesome?
Well thank you, I guess. I will, tomorrow.

I love it

Most of the Art is Spectacular. Keep up the great work


ScelesticFish responds: