Reviews for "Madness Day Art Collab 10"


All the art was great you can tell even at a glance how much time and effort the authors put into their work. Congratulations i cant wait to see what you guys are doing next madness day or maybe even sooner if possible. Favorite pics- 1st izzy a 2nd- all of the blud shot pics 3rd- fifty 50 pic of hank with two desert eagles. Im not trying to demote the other authors their work was still great but those were my favorites mainly because hank had a real body in most of them except for fifty 50`s pic but it was still awesome so it made third.

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Haha I'm glad you like it!. All the artist did wonderful jobs, but it's always good to hear opinions. Thanks for the review!


this is awesome like i always say :D

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Last picture is th best one

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this art was like a boos
i enjoyed it a lot

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What The FU*** When Ive seen the thread Ive seen many more of BEATIFUL AMAZING artwork.... and they are just not there.

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I'm pretty sure you're thinkin' of the madness fan art thread, not the madness day art collab thread