Reviews for "{Infinity Over the Stars}"


Loved it, I love all your work. You're one of my favorite audio artists on the internet. Thanks for the good songs. Keep it up.

cornandbeans responds:

:D really??!

AWESOME! I didn't know that I was that good! of course I'll keep it up! :D


two lines

intro draws me right in.

Song keeps me there.

cornandbeans responds:

god, this song gets me nostalgic. :|

I miss the summer.

It really seems that long ago, I'm serious. I guess time just goes really slow for me. :P

OMG THIS IS #1 of all time/it rox.

damnit, if i cud fav this, it would be my #<1> fav of all time, i gave it a vote of 5,a vote of 10, i listened to it like 20 times,you rock.--<RESPECT>-- ^_^ XD


Love all the trance variations! and is this a remix of a mario song?

cornandbeans responds:

nah haha it's original but I can sort of see where you're coming from


you are always submitting awesome stuff! keep at it man!