Reviews for "{Infinity Over the Stars}"


i love the sound play keeps it interesting

cornandbeans responds:

ahh screw it I'm doing a remix of this :D

thank you, though. :) You're another one that I've neglected responding to. :(

sorry :|

But anyway, thanks for the review. :D


Again I say...


On a side note in the middle it starts to repeat a bit too many times...

but aside from that... good work!

cornandbeans responds:

lol yep

thanks man. :D

two lines

intro draws me right in.

Song keeps me there.

cornandbeans responds:

god, this song gets me nostalgic. :|

I miss the summer.

It really seems that long ago, I'm serious. I guess time just goes really slow for me. :P


Well, I didnt enjoy this one too much. Kinda felt like i was listening to kirby music. Lol. Although there were certain parts that i did enjoy.

Not your best. But Definetly mediocre

cornandbeans responds:

ahhh how? I love kirby music! :D lol... I liked this one a lot! Even better than pants! :P

Well everybody has their own opinion... I'm glad this was mildly good. :D



Loved it, I love all your work. You're one of my favorite audio artists on the internet. Thanks for the good songs. Keep it up.

cornandbeans responds:

:D really??!

AWESOME! I didn't know that I was that good! of course I'll keep it up! :D