Reviews for "{Infinity Over the Stars}"

OMG THIS IS #1 of all time/it rox.

damnit, if i cud fav this, it would be my #<1> fav of all time, i gave it a vote of 5,a vote of 10, i listened to it like 20 times,you rock.--<RESPECT>-- ^_^ XD

Hehe :]

It was fun, especially when it got upbeat :)

The startI

I find the start to slow. Cut the start a little shorter and the song gets a 10! :D

Still a good song though. :D

cornad you rock!!

big ups but make something angry snarly and fast like your old {blaze} and {firestorm} notice how they stayed up for a long time

the beginning...

the beginning wasnt so catchy, but otherwise good. no bombing here.