Reviews for "Incident:001A"

thanks krink

thanks krinkels, that is hot madness on ng, i cum so hard while hurtling through space toward a decommissioned space station. slowly, i pull my knees to my chest and close my eyes as my bowels begin to expel hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful, symmetrical turds, brown as the day is long. i laugh like a young girl as my turds drift aimlessly behind me; they are as butterflies to a child frolicking in the fields of elysium.

i approach the station's docking port, flaccid cock in hand, and prepare to float gently into its inviting confines. i extend my cockless arm jubilantly, as to celebrate the majesty and depth of space, and thank jesus christ for this ultimate gift and blessing. but suddenly, my outstretched arm collides with the outer rim of the docking port, and the trajectory of my quaggy body is violently halted.

the ftes afford me barely enough time to turn his head before the turds arrive. one thousand turds, each one seemingly larger than the last. i try in vain to cleanse mu eyes of the shitsting, but succeed only in smearing my own fecal matter into a fine asspaste, which slowly seeps into my eyes and nasal cavity. i inhale three hundred and twenty four Space Turds; my lungsare permeated completely with my own shit. i hang lax, spirit broken, defeated by poop. i will never be the same. i am forever a shit faggot.



Short but sweet.

Ah Krinkels, you are the true master of awesome when it comes to Madness.

Simply amazing. As always.

yes yes and yes

lmao at Hank's reaction to blender....this is truly for fans of Madness.

You've spawned your own day on Newgrounds and this short is a simple annotation as to why. You will forever be remembered by NG fans.


the lastest in anti-hank weaponry, i give you... THE BLENDER!