Reviews for "Incident:001A"


I love it how he shakes with joy when he finds the blender.

Weut for teh blender!

Reminds me of the "will it blend?" series... In which case you should be saying "Corpes fumes, don't breath this" or something like that... Poor giant mutant guy... Shoulda killed another one to keep him company >.>

super sweet

loved it. 1 of the best MADNESS epies i've seen. final scene was supurb.


Hahahaha oh man that was great. Loved the final stage. Good work!

This should make my comment more easily read.

For the strangest reason, I pretended to be the original designer of madness combat throughout middle school. I now see the error of my ways, and have become a very sad, ashamed little man. with a gun.