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Reviews for "Kos! Madness"

Not bad

There was some dry humor here and then, but for the whole thing I liked it. It seems to me that you are improving so keep it up.

OnionsXD responds:

Hey thanks! I'm always described as dry humor, or random humor...I guess I still have some work to do...0-0

But thanks for the review!


Shit son this is funny! xP
But Justin Bebier Sucks major ballz, his songs dopes, everything about him suckz!
This was hilarious and an original madness flash which I admire :D

OnionsXD responds:

YAY!! Thanks for the positive review! I really apreciate it!


this was really funny XD it was hilarious in hw the end it just started to get really random hahaha

OnionsXD responds:

Haha yay~!! I'm glad I got it finsihed in time! :P


Tat song... sucks!

OnionsXD responds:

Amazingly, this happens to be a helpful review, as I didn't know if the voices were loud enough or not. I guess I just forgot how much my laptop speakers suck. haha, thanks and I"m glad you liked it! :D

That is..

Bloody funny :D Random and silly, but with somewhat action :)

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks man! I really wasn't sure if people would like this or not, since it's moreso a comedy than action. :P