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Reviews for "Kos! Madness"

Cool madness piece

This was a pretty funny take on Madness I think. So when they played that song they all killed each other so they would not have to hear it? Funny how one of the henchmen actually had a voice here as well. Lastly it was also good because of the Metal Gear Solid use of talking.

Story line was pretty funny I suppose since the Onion is trying to advance to the next room but must kill the henchmen before he can advance up there with his friend. Hilarity ensues when they try various methods and they finally solve the problem by throwing in a boombox playing a terrible song which makes them all go mad and kill each other.

The animation was fairly nice and lighthearted I think which is pretty nice but weird since this deals with the series known as Madness. Enjoyed the facial expressions seen here as well.

The voice acting was also very nicely worked out here so good job to the three users voice acting here for the characters too.

Overall, this was a nice tribute parody piece for the Madness saga. Good work.

Review Request Club

OnionsXD responds:

Hey thanks for the awesom review yet again!
Nowadays I see that this is pretty average for me. I think I could do a lot better. However I did only make this in a couple of days. lol


My own personal touch to that quote would be"

but beside the point. you are getting better with each flash. you will be famous in no time. ;)

OnionsXD responds:

Omg, thats a great line...wish I had added it...>.>

Seriously that made me ROFL...ahahahaha!!!

Thanks man for the constant support!! I really appreciate it!!

sad face

aaaw... being replaced sucks :( But I still really enjoyed it! Loved the entire thing! Cant wait to see more!

OnionsXD responds:

aWWW Dude~ I thought you went to Iraq!! Thats why...I'm sorry..


All nice and in theme good work!

Ps. The old lady somehow looks like something I have seen =P

OnionsXD responds:

Haha, wait what? I dunno what your talking about....with the old lady.....

oh noes

oh noes the poor kitty cat. lol pooor snokems. mean mean Mr Kolawskums. the justin bieber tune was halirious. poor kids ok.
but for a gag very funny. I like how they swirl through the door at the end.

and the vioce acting was very goooood. it all blended realy well nice work

OnionsXD responds:

WOw man! thanks for the extensive review!! I like it~! I apreciate the postiveness in all of these reviews!! :D