Reviews for "Madness Hydraulic"

Great game!

For those complaining about sticky controls, get a better browser. For those complaining about lag, invest in a better computer. The developers aren't going to make games that run just for you guys, so stop bitching about it.

Nice work Tom, and Mindchamber's art never ceases to amaze me. Keep it up guys. :)

i can play on my laptop yes

great job

Yay beatin wave 40 with 40 health LOL

Got both medals. I went and bought everything after 40 to have fun. FOR THOSE LOSER WHO COULDN'T"t BEAT IT here's a hint. Jump kick and use shut guns. Also try staying hanging in the sky :P


Wow. This was like eating a plate of awesome, with kick-ass for dessert.
I liked almost everything about it... particularly the pretty much unlimited upgrades and ammo.
I did not like a certain glitch that made enemies' hands remain in the air while still holding on to their gun.
It was also a bit slow, but that's due to the fact that my computer is retarded. @AdmiralLawlrus, that's probably cause your computer sucks almost as much as mine.

very glitchy

i was on lev 27 while i was on the last person i noticed e culdnt take any damage so i eventualy killed myself.
and theres another glitch were when you kill a person they still hold on to the wepon with there hands floating in the air.
and as we all know the lagg glitch,i dont even need to say anything for that matter

but for the most part its realy good just needs some anti glitch tweking.