Reviews for "Madness Hydraulic"


I remember thinking Madness Interactive was the coolest game back in the day. It's amazing how far the series has come since then. Great work sir.

All Achievements

All Achievements:

Try to obtain the shotgun and the hand gun as quickly as possible, they literally throw your enemies onto the other end of the screen and knock their guns out of their hands. Never use the flamethrower; it's a terrible projectile, it doesn't stun your enemies worth a crap and it has terrible range.


#1; Beating the game is more or less about learning the art of One Man Gang Rape; pile on top of your enemies into a corner with the strongest weapon available to you and blast away. The hydraulics work to your advantage in this regard.

#2; Another decent stradegy is to climb ontop of the cliffs to the left and right with one of the power weapons mentioned above and wait for individual A.I.s to assault you and blast them out of mid air, knocking their weapon out of their hands, inflicting damage onto them and possibly depriving the A.I. of their weapon for the remainder of their lifespan.

#3; Another advantage is to floor everyone and get them to drop their weapons, grab the most common gun out of all of them thus depriving everyone of a projectile.

There are four different class' of A.I. in this game; Zombies, Thugs, Agents, S.W.A.T. & Tricky.

The Zombies are the weakest out of the whole bunch, they take the lowest amount of hits to kill; 2 shotgun blasts and they're done. Unfortunately they don't have weapons, so you can't ever update your inventory or restock on ammunition. The upside to that is that you'll never have to worry about being shot.

The Thugs are the second easiest to kill, not much to say about that.

The Agents are tougher to kill, they're smarter and stronger. They take something like double the amount of damage as the thugs do.

The S.W.A.T. team members are the strongest in hordes, they wear Kevlar and other armor so they're the hardest to kill.

Tricky the Clown doesn't come in multiple numbers, there's only one Tricky per Zombie round. Although he is particularly the strongest out of everyone, he's also one of the easiest to kill, namely because none of his subordinates carry weapons and the weapon he carries is easily obtainable.

There are no boss characters, if you even consider Tricky to be a boss at this point. The 40th level doesn't feature zombies, but it is the easiest one out of the last five levels, mainly because the hydraulics activate and you can practice the almighty art of One Man Gang Rape.

The A.I. are easily exploitable:

#1; if you jump ontop of a cliff either to the left or to the right, you can basically leave the game for 3 hours & come back with full health. The reason why is because, although the group of subordinates who pursue you are constantly trying to jump onto the cliffs, unless the hydraulics are activated or they jump from the middle platform, they'll never succeed. The only way to get them to jump from the middle platform is to shoot them either in mid air or simply off the platform.

The only issue you'll have to worry about is if they get smart and decide to shoot your ass through the floor; seeing as how Zombies lack projectiles of any kind, with the exception of Tricky, you'll never have to worry about that.

#2; None of your enemies ever attack you from behind. unless you're on ground level, they'll usually come upfront to assault you, so don't be afraid to not turn to one of the morons behind you, he'll fix the problem for you.

#3; Anytime a subordinate knocks you on your ass, anybody making physical contact with you, which is usually everybody, with sympathetically drop with you thus causing them to drop their weapons, giving you an opportunity to One Man Gang Rape them all with their own weapons.

Always buy more health, occasionally update your speed and strength. By level 40 you should have 100 Health points, 24 Speed points & 5 Attack points.

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I like how you can update Hanks speed and get his sluggish ass moving for once, where as every other game he's in he moves at the pace of an obese snail.

Also, the music gets real annoying, real old, real quick.

A work of art

Amazing game, I made it past wave 40 with no turrets. The guns are widely varied, and each has its own uses. And as for all of the people complaining about lag, can everyone please read the games description??? Once you do, please not the words 'progressively intense, CPU-crashing waves.' CPU-CRASHING. In other words, it's meant to cause lag. Please stop complaining over it. But back on topic, wonderful game Tom.


use shotgun, only shotgun and try to ALWAYS HAVE A SHOTGUN or run like hell jumping and shooting downwards until u have one in ur hands or also USE PISTOL when you don't have shotgun! it's strange but it acts like a shotgun with less firepower and bullets... so SHOTGUN!


Eh... quit complaining and press q till it says low...

I hardly get any lag... or.. I thought I didn't xD till I set it to low quality then it looked like everythings in fast forward 0.0 Awesome game!